Things To Do at duPlooy's

There are many activities to enjoy right on the property ...

There is so much to do right on the property that we hope you will spend some time exploring your surroundings and enjoying our beach, floating on the river, visiting the adjacent Belize Botanic Gardens, exploring our extensive network of trails on foot or on horseback, as well as bird watching and spotting other wildlife and more.

duPlooy beach swimming & tubing

Swimming, Canoeing & Tubing

Spending time on or in the Macal River, or just lying on the beach is very relaxing. If you want to canoe around the area or float around in an inner tube, just ask the office for paddles and life jackets. Complimentary canoes and inner tubes are available for use by guests around the property. A refreshing swim from our sandy beach is a great way to cool off.

We have our own float trip for inner tubes. From the lodge, just walk down the entrance road for about 5 minutes until you reach the "Tube Palapa", grab an inner tube and take a short walk down to the Macal River where you put in and enjoy a 20-30 minute float downstream to our beach. The cliffs and high bamboo stands are just some of the memorable scenery you will pass through.

Canoeing at duPlooy's
duPlooy Beach

For a picnic lunch on the beach (we have picnic tables); just ask your waiter or bartender to deliver it for you. Equipment for beach volleyball and frisbees are available for your use. Enjoying a picnic lunch, swimming and spending time on the beach is great fun for families with young children.

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Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

We recommend that you try to get in at least one good ride before departing from duPlooy's, as there is really no better way to take in the Cayo countryside. We can take you on a short 45 minute - 2 hour ride around the property or a full day's adventure.

Horseback riding is from 8am to 2pm.
Rides can also be combined with other half-day activities.

Horseback Riding & River Tubing
For a relaxing day, ride for an hour around the property and then be dropped off by the river for a 20-30 minute tube downstream to duPlooy's beach. You can also combine this with a guided walk through Belize Botanic Gardens.

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Hiking Around duPlooy's

Guided Hike

The best hiking in Belize is in the Cayo district and duPlooy's Jungle Lodge offers you some great hiking experiences whether guided or on your own. There is a trail for everyone from short and easy ones in the Gardens to longer ones, including Xunantunich, a Maya archeological site (12km).

If you like, take along one of our professionally trained and licensed naturalist guides. All are local Belizeans who possess a wealth of historical and cultural knowledge of past and present Belize.

Mai Loop (20 minutes)
For a short walk anytime, check out this nature trail, located right under the Bird Deck and accessed from stairs leading down to duPlooy's beach.

The looping trail is rocky and on the steep side. There are a number of ground birds that inhabit this area and it's common to spot an agouti or fox or other small animals.

River Walk (1/2 - 1 km)
This trail begins a short distance from the main parking lot. It's a short walk down a river access road,
which leads you directly to the Macal River.

Hammock Bridge

On the way down you have additional hiking options. Turn left at the junction and the trail winds along the Macal River and the backside of the Belize Botanic Gardens with more walking options, including the Hammock Bridge or turn in the other direction and you will reach duPlooy's beach.

Hiking Farther Afield

(Guided or Unguided)

Cohune Loops (1.5 km)
Upper and lower Cohune Loops, located just outside the main grounds, are accessed from the entry road, and lead to a number of hiking options, including a loop which passes under several large stands of the Cohune Palms.

Valley View (2 km)
Continuing up the entry road brings you to the starting point for this uphill nature walk, leading
to some unforgettable valley scenery. Take a deserved rest and enjoy this memorable view
while sitting under a jungle palapa.

Valley View

If you wish to continue, there is a nearby trail which takes you straight down to the valley floor. The uphill trail to this lookout spot makes for a good work-out for both walkers and joggers.

Natural History Museum & Butterfly Farm (6 km)
These two area attractions can easily be reached walking on an all-weather road.
Just ask for directions at the office. They can also be reached by canoe, car or on horseback.

Xunantunich - Maya archeological site (12 km)
Continue on from the Cohune Loop trail and enjoy more of the Cayo countryside on foot. If you do the entire walk, (2.5 -3 hours), you will arrive at the Mayan village of Succotz; Cross the Mopan River in a hand-cranked ferry and then trek onward and upward the last 1 km and you will have reached the Maya Archeological site of Xunantunich.

Trail Signs

The complete hike to Xunantunich is ideal for persons in good physical condition and makes for a memorable hiking adventure. You can also do this trip on Horseback. We can arrange for return transport back to the lodge on this one. We recommend a guide for this hike, if this is your first time. Read more about Xunantunich

While roaming around you will definitely see exotic birds but you might see other visitors as well. Grey-foxes, armadillos and gibnuts can often be spotted on an early morning or evening prowl on the jungle lodge grounds or in the botanic gardens.

Botanic Gardens

Belize Botanic Gardens

While you are here, visit the gardens, which consists of 45 acres of native and exotic plants. There isn't a lovelier place to stroll in the early evening or morning. Winding paths through this conservation project will introduce you to some of Belize's varied habitats and to many of the plants that you will later see in the wild.

Inside the garden is a Maya medicine trail, native orchid house, a bird blind on the pond, lots of tropical fruits and flowers, a rainforest walk, palms and lots more tropical splendor.

Learn about the uses of medicinal and other plants from the self-guide booklet included with your room and/or reserve a 1-2 hour guided tour with the emphasis on your particular interests.

Botanic Gardens

Official visiting hours are from 7am to 5pm, however duPlooy's guests are free to wander in the garden at any time. Guided tours are available until 2:30pm.

Bicycles - If you'd like to explore Belize Botanic Gardens by bicycle, we have several bikes available for guests' use. Reserve your bike at the office. There is a maximum cycling time of
2 hours (7am - dark).

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Bird and other Wildlife Watching

Emerald Toucanet

The bird watching around duPlooy’s is excellent. Professional bird watchers are always coming to duPlooy's and telling us that we have the best location for bird watching in the area. The best part is you don’t even have to leave the bar and deck area!

We invite you to join our resident bird guide each morning on the deck for complimentary coffee and tea and you will see such exotic birds as: motmots, aracari and toucans, trogons,tanagers, parrots and many more. With over 300 bird species recorded within five miles of duPlooy's, it is worth getting up early for.

Kinkajaou at the bar

At the end of the canopy-walk several iguanas have recently taken up residence and you can watch them lounging on tree branches. Grey-foxes, armadillos and agoutis can sometimes be spotted on an early morning or evening prowl on the grounds or in the botanic gardens.

A tapir (Belize’s national animal) was twice seen strolling by and jaguarundi (cat family) and tyra (weasel family) have been spotted around on a number of occasions. Also a family of kinkajou (extremely cute animal family) can often be seen in the evening's, around dinner time, right off the Bird Deck.

The Jungle comes to Life at Night

Sunset marks the changing of worlds. Enhance your garden experience by taking a night walk. Listen to a symphony of night sounds and the fascinating nocturnal animal life that your guide will point out; Enjoy an unobstructed view of the night sky, from atop the the botanic garden Lookout Tower. You are sure to be awed by the clarity and sheer number of stars and constellations you can see.

Guided Bird Walks begin at 6.30am
Night Walks begin at 7.30pm

* Walks last for 1 or 2 hours.

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Relaxing Massage

What better way to end the day or spend the day? After a day in the saddle or scaling Mayan ruins you may want to book a massage, facial or other body treatment. Try to arrange the day before but if you forget or find yourself in urgent need we can sometimes arrange a massage with just a few hours notice.