duPlooy's Jungle Lodge in Belize

Activities at duPlooy's Jungle Lodge

There are many activities to enjoy right on the property at duPlooy's; so if you'd rather not travel a long distance, stay with us for the day - and have just as much fun.

Birding at duPlooy'sBirding

Professional bird watchers are always coming to duPlooy's and telling us that we have the best location for bird watching in the area.

Join our resident bird guide each morning on the deck for complimentary coffee and tea and you will see such exotic birds as: motmots, aracari and toucans, trogons, tanagers, parrots and many more.

With over 300 bird species recorded within five miles of duPlooy's, it is worth getting up for, whether you are a dedicated birder adding to your life list, a beginner who's never seen a bird before, or just someone who enjoys the tropical scenery.

Our Guided Bird Walks, starting at 6.30am, and Night Walks, starting at 7.30pm are fascinating wildlife experiences. The walks are for either one or two hours and should be booked in advance. See rates.

For more info about birding at duPlooy's, in the Cayo district, and around Belize, see our comprehensive Belize Birding section.

Iguana on the river trailTrails

Head down to the river and look out for a trail on your left, just before you get to the beach. This path will take you along the river and end in the Belize Botanic Gardens. From here either exit back to the hotel or backtrack along the river. If you are just using the botanic gardens to exit the trail you don't have to pay the (very reasonable) entrance fee, but if you enjoy any part of the walk out we encourage you to put it on your bill as it is a worthwhile conservation project that appreciates your help!

While roaming you will definitely see birds but you might see other visitors as well. At the end of the canopy-walk several iguanas have taken up residence and you can watch them lounging on tree branches. Grey-foxes, armadillos or gibnuts can be spotted on an early morning or evening prowl on the grounds or in BBG. A tapir (Belize's national animal) was twice seen strolling by La Casita and a kinkajou (extremely cute animal), is often seen in the summer evenings evening right off the deck.

Swimming in the Macal RiverThe Macal River

Be sure to wander down to the beach for a gander at the cliffs and river (use steps in front of the kitchen). Swimming from the beach there is a wonderful way to spend some time. Canoes and inner tubes are available for use by guests around the property, free of charge. Remember, it is a river, not a pool, so if its been raining a lot or has been too dry, it may not be the oasis you were hoping for. Use common sense precaution and do not swim if the current is very swift and/or trees are floating downstream with small mammals clinging to them.

Enjoy a massage in the spaMassage

What better way to end the day or spend the day? After a day in the saddle or scaling Mayan ruins you may want to book a massage, facial or other body treatment in the office. Try to arrange the day before but if you forget or find yourself in urgent need we can sometimes arrange a massage with just a few hours notice. Go to the bar at the time of your massage and the masseuse will come and take you to the palapa. A sarong is the recommended attire but wear whatever is comfortable for you.

Belize Botanic Gardens

While you are here, visit the garden. The (tiny) fee charged covers unlimited entrances during your stay and there isn't a lovelier place to stroll in the early evening or morning. Inside the garden is a Maya medicine trail, native orchid house, a bird blind on the pond, lots of tropical fruits and flowers, a rainforest walk, palms and lots more tropical splendor.

Flowers in the Botanic GardensThe entrance to Belize Botanic Gardens (BBG) includes a map of the garden and all the plants are labeled but if you want more information there are a few ways to see the garden. We have self-guided tour booklets one is a Maya medicinal trail and the other is a general garden walk. You can take a guided walk, focusing on either of these subjects or you can let your guide know if you have a particular area of interest. All tours last about 1 - 2 hours depending on your interest.

We don't carry on about the garden just for kicks. Botanic gardens are important resources for the preservation of biodiversity and excellent arenas for conservation education. Belize Botanic Gardens is no exception. As part of the Botanic Gardens for Conservation International (BGCI) and Caribbean Botanic Gardens for Conservation (CBGC) the BBG staff work to promote conservation and conservation education through many projects. Ken duPlooy, the garden founder, has been awarded international recognition for his contribution to biodiversity for creating Belize Botanic Gardens.

To learn more about the Belize Botanic Gardens visit the official website at www.belizebotanic.org

Support our education program! Help a Belizean class take a field trip to Belize Botanic Gardens: it is a mere $2.00 a kid. Many Belizean schools are understaffed and overflowing and there isn't much money for transportation or field trip opportunities. You can also sponsor an educational presentation right at school for $65US, for kids that can't make it to the gardens.

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