Belize Botanic Gardens

The Gardens Encompass 45 Acres of Native & Exotic plants

At BBG, plants are what we're all about. Our job is to inspire you to appreciate plants and to protect the floral bio-diversity of Belize. BBG exists as an information resource for the community, government, industry and science and as an education center. It is also a place of beauty for visitors to enjoy.

Botanic Garden - At Work

Botanic Garden - At Work ...

Modestly speaking we offer you beautiful plants in a beautiful setting, but we're oh! so much more. Our main work is encouraging sustainable horticulture, maintaining conservation collections and engaging in conservation education. We aim to inspire our community and visitors (this could be you!) to protect our leafy friends and their habitats by learning more about the wonderful world of plants.

Learn about medicinal and other plants that can be found in the garden from the self-guide booklet included with your room and/or reserve a 1 or 2 hour private tour of the garden or join us on any Friday for a Traditional Healers Experience.

Visiting hours are from 7am to 5pm
(duPlooy's guests are free to wander in the garden at any time)
Guided tours are available daily until 2:30pm

Garden Attractions

Orchid House

Native Orchid House

The Native Orchid House is home to over 100 species of Belizean orchids, as well as many other native plants. You will not see a dramatic display here as these are not collected in great numbers due to threats to them in the wild.



Enjoy a display of palms and their products at the gardens. Students on field trips stop and learn how about how palms are used and participate in activities such as learning how to make a thatched roof, a broom or house plant from palms.

Maya House & Medicine Trail

Maya House - Medicine Trail

Visit the Medicine Trail and learn how plants were used by the ancient Maya for ritual, medicine and daily living. The Maya knew how to make all they needed from the forests around them, some of which are on display inside the Maya House.

Lookout Tower

Lookout Tower

Check out the vista from the Lookout Tower. From above take in the sights and sounds of the garden and surrounding hills (Day or Night). This 35ft. high tower is an exact replica of the ones used for fire management in the Mountain Pine Ridge.

Zingiber Alley

Zingiber Alley

A winding path takes you past a display of Belize's heliconia and ginger as well as over 50 different varieties of plants and trees from the world's tropics, See if the amorphophallus paenifolius is in bloom when you visit the gardens.

Bird Hide

Bird Hide

Spy on birds and other wildlife from this overlook. Several species of frogs and fish live in the pond and turtles can sometimes be seen lounging on a log. Look for logwood trees, originally harvested for use in dyes. Or just sit and absorb your surroundings.

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