About Cayo District

Cayo DistrictCayo District is the Rarest of Surprises, a world class Eco-tourism vacation-destination that refuses to sell out. No high-rise hotels here ... Instead Belize offers its commitment to conservation and Eco tourism with an astonishing 880,000 acres of protected areas, nature reserves, and national parks within the 2,000 square miles that make up Cayo District. 

Much of Cayo District consists of broad-leaf jungle overlying limestone formations. These formations are a result of an uplifting of ancient coral beds during the past 20 million years. Over time, flowing water has gradually dissolved the limestone, forming underwater rivers, sinkholes, and the spectacular Caves for which Cayo District is well known for. The Mountain Pine Ridge was formed in this way.

Rio Frio Cave - Mountain Pine Ridge

Rio Frio Cave - Mountain Pine Ridge

Mountain Pine Ridge

Encompassing a spectacular range of rolling hills, peaks and gorges formed from some of the oldest rocks in Central American, the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve covers nearly 300 square miles. The karst limestone terrain is especially suited for hiking and there are some fun water options.

Rio On - Mountain Pine Ridge

Rio On - Mountain Pine Ridge

San Ignacio Town

San Ignacio Town is the hub of commerce and tourism for Cayo District, and along with its sister town - Santa Elena - make up the largest populated area in the District, with a mere 40,000 residents. Located along the banks of the Macal River, on a series of bluffs, San Ignacio known locally as "Cayo", is conveniently located less than two-hours by road from both Belize City and Tikal in Guatemala.

Santa Elena  - San Ignacio

(L) Santa Elena - San Ignacio (R)

Things To Do in Cayo District

With so many activities to choose from where do you begin? You can visit some of the best Mayan Ruins anywhere, explore Spectacular Caves, set off On Horseback across the Cayo countryside, choose Canoeing or Tubing on the scenic Macal River, enjoy swimming and basking in the sun at Big Rock Falls or the Rio On Pools in the Mountain Pine Ridge ... And it all comes with the opportunity to get up close and personal with the spectacular Birding & Wildlife that Cayo District has to offer. See More Things to do for even more things to do in the Cayo District ...

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