A Bit About Our Eco-Resort & Lodge

And Welcome to "Our Jungle"

Canopy Boardwalk

Our eco-friendly jungle lodge offers a combination of 21 private and family-style accommodations, providing an intimate setting for nature lovers of all ages.

The resort grounds are set on 20 acres of lush tropical vegetation. Adjacent to the resort grounds is the 45 acre
Belize Botanic Gardens, which connects to an additional 37 acres of tropical forest, creating an extensive system of hiking trails, which continue on to destinations beyond the property.

Just steps away is the Macal River and the best beach around, where you can swim, relax, tube or canoe.

Our friendly engaging staff, experienced and knowledgable tour guides, great tasting healthy food are just some of the reasons that make
duPlooy's so much more than your typical, corporate-style resort.

Plain Chacalaca

You may find that Belize is quite different than what you may be used to, providing changes in climate, language, culture, people and even insects to discover and in which to delight. Some will be unfazed by the sudden early am chortle (ruckus) of Chachalacas (aka: bush chickens) just outside their window or ants in their deodorant stick (keep containers and zippers closed) or more likely marching in single file down a sidewalk and disappearing off into the jungle with their "leaf of the day". Others may run screaming from their room at the merest glimpse of a tarantula. (No need; they don't bite and are deaf)

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General Information

Kinkajou visiting Bird Deck

Because we are an eco-lodge we want to let you know that we don't have AC.
At certain times of year Belize can get very hot and humid. Normally this is not a problem for our guests because the overhead jungle canopy and cooling tropical rains keep our rooms quite comfortable most of the year with just an overhead ceiling fan.

Why don't we have AC at duPlooy's?
Would you want to miss out on the pleasure of falling asleep, lulled by the sounds of the nightly chorus of jungle background sounds? Or waking up to the calls and songs of tropical birds that are all a part of an authentic jungle lodge experience?

If you would like an additional fan, just ask at the Main Office and we will be happy to provide you with an upright fan, which will be put to good use during the dry season, from early April through May. We ask that you take this into consideration before reserving with us. Remember you can always cool off with a refreshing dip in the Macal River or enjoy a cold drink at the Canopy Bar!

duPlooy Staff

Main Office (Top Left) | Cooling off (Bottom Left) | duPlooy staff goes zip-lining (Top Right) | Canopy Bar (Bottom Right)

Canopy Bar
cooling off in the Macal River

Meal Plans

A continental breakfast is included with our room rates. If you are using one of our Packages all meals are provided for you during your stay, starting with dinner on your arrival day and ending with breakfast on your departure day. If you are not on a meal plan, meals may be purchased a la carte from our breakfast, lunch and dinner menus or you may choose to purchase a meal plan after you arrive ... See Food & Drink


The tap water comes from a 200' well and is perfectly fine for drinking, bathing, brushing teeth etc. We also have purified water available inside the Canopy Bar, and Front Office. There are water bottles for sale at the office, however we do not sell water in plastic containers ... See Sustainable Tourism


duPlooy's is powered by 110v current, the same as in the United States (with the same plug fittings). Our off-grid power is supplied by a combination of the sun and generator. There is plenty of power to keep your fans and lights running and your cameras and other electronics charged. We do, however, request that all visitors try to minimize their electricity consumption by turning off lights, and fans when leaving their rooms and unplug electronic items when fully charged.


A laundry service is available: US$12.00 per load, washed, dried and folded. Just use the laundry bag provided, leave it by the door by 9am and your clean clothes will be waiting for you after 4pm. In an effort to conserve energy, cut down on water waste, and lessen our impact on the environment, we ask you to hang your towels up if you wish to keep them awhile longer. When you want fresh ones, just toss the used ones on the floor so our housekeepers will know to replace them.  Bed linens are changed every other day.

Phone & Internet

You can make telephone calls from the office using a BTL telephone card purchased at duPlooy's or anywhere in Belize. If you brought along a card to use for international calls, it probably won't work here, but you can also use your credit card or we can assist you with your call and bill it to your room. We have wireless internet service, which reaches most areas around the lodge.


There is a service charge of 10% added to room and meal prices. This is divided among staff from grounds keepers to servers (drivers and guides are not included). Additional tips are welcome and appreciated so if you had a positive experience and have some extra cash in your wallet, then you may want to tip with an amount that you feel good about.


There is a 12.5% sales tax on any purchases you make for tours, restaurant, bar and gift shop. Sales taxes are already included with our package prices. This amount is subject to change.

Returning Guests

We love it when we get return visitors to duPlooy's. To encourage this, duPlooy's would like to offer you a 10% discount.
If you are among those who think they didn't stay long enough, it's an opportunity to catch up on all of the activities you missed the first time. See Vacation Deals for other discounts and special offers. * Note only one discount applies.

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